Site Is Dabled

This site is going to be Disabled FOREVER if you want this site send me an e-mail at saying you want this site.


This website will be enabled now!

I will update the Pin Tracker to the new pin

I will add a Gary Tracker, This time your going to find him!

9:00 PM (PST) Pacific Standard Time (US & Canada)

Trackers Have Been Removed

All trackers from Music Jam ’09 have been removed and deleted because Music Jam ’09 is over.

Comment Tracker

New Comment Tracker for whatever so if you find a Moderator or a Famous Penguin then you comment!

1.No laing because if you lie you waste peoples time.
2.When you post, you have to post the: Room:,Server:,Time & Date
3.You have to say who it is for example: Billybob or Rockhopper .
4.Has to be super famous penguins like Chrisdog93 or Microchip123 or a Mascot.
5.Don’t get mad if you don’t find them or they leave because I will delete your comment and the person who posted the lie.

New Trackers

New Trackers have been added to this website, The Reason why we changed the other tracker with these are because the other ones looked ugly and were probably not gonna work.

New Trackers Website

Hey Whats up guys, I deciced to make a RealCPcheats Club Penguin tracker website. The reason is because the pages we put on the website get messed up and ugly so we will post the trackers here instead. The website we are talkingt about is RealCpCheats.Tk
Thats our Main website

Pin Tracker